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Acupressure Cure for Common Diseases

Acupressure,literally the method of applying pressure to certain areas or nerves, is one of the safest, simplest and remarkably effective method for relief from pain and other common ailments.

Pain in Eyes and Redness

May 25, 2007

Pain in Eyes and Redness

We are of the opinion that most of the children are quite sensitive to ayurvedic medicines if used as eye drops. Pure Rose water is, by far, the best effective and harmless remedy — drop 1-2 drops into each eye, 3-4 times daily and also wash the eyes with a weak lotion of Boric acid. Some people suggest use of Alum with Rose/plain water but we shall advise you to get in touch with an ayurvedic physician for proper and harmless treatment.


Try Nar Kachoor — 15-20 gms and mix it with mother's/ cow's milk and serve thrice daily — will stop green loose motions or try 125 mg Kamaraja Rasa with milk or substitute this with Praval Bhasma (125 mg) with milk and honey (equal quantity of both) and give either of the combinations 6 hourly.

If the above mentioned combinations fail to yield any relief, give 15-25 mg of Anand Bhairava or Sanjeevani by mixing with honey and mother's or cow's milk. It will stop loose motions quite quickly. Consult your ayurvedic physician about Rasa Peepari for this disorder. In any case, try to maintain sodium-water-balance in the body and give only boiled water (when it has cooled) or juice of Pomegranate (1-2 tsp thrice).


It is considered as the chief causative of a host of other diseases. Constipation has direct effect on metabolism. Unsuitable, stale, putrid diet is held to be responsible for this problem. Mix powders of Alua Usari Revand 6 gms each, fried Heeng 2 gm and prepare a thick paste so that pills of 10-15 mg could be processed. Give one such pill to the infant with mother's milk — it will expel trapped milk and ease constipation or give powder of parched Suhaga 1 gm, Usari Revand 500 mg and serve with milk to regulate bowels or give 10-15 mg of Anand Bhairava Rasa with water or milk.


Extracted juice of fresh Onion (1 gm) + 10-15 mg of Heeng should be given with water in the morning and evening — it will expel worms. Apply locally paste of roots of Indrayan and Bakayan over the stomach, to derive desired benefit, or prepare a paste of roots of Vaya Vidang and Kabela, adding some amount of fried Heeng. Before ^giving this compound, give jaggery (Gur) first. It will also expel worms. Some people suggest taking of two half-cut pieces of ripe tomato, with a sprinkling of black pepper powder, in the morning on empty stomach.

To Restore Free Flow of Urine

This is a dangerous condition and must not be handled by a layman but by a specialist only. The medicines suggested should serve as a guideline only and not used without proper guidance and monitoring of a specialist. When no urine is passed, it is still a graver situation and calls for immediate hospitalisation. Parents who are syphilitic or had been so but had not been declared 'Negative' should be extra careful. Generally, retention of urine is attributed to some obstructive pathology like stone in the urinary tract, some urinary infection. Without going into clinical details, use of catheter is the only possible alternative or consult some surgeon but do not leave anything to chance. If urinary flow is not free and urine is expelled in drops, with much pain and tenesmus or blood/pus is also passed, it points to some sort of obstruction in the urinary passage. Scanty urine in summer or during diarrhoea or when water intake is not sufficient to meet even body's normal demands, such situations may occur.

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