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Acupressure Cure for Common Diseases

Acupressure,literally the method of applying pressure to certain areas or nerves, is one of the safest, simplest and remarkably effective method for relief from pain and other common ailments.

Acupressure face lifts

Sep 9, 2007

The Full Face technique lifts the entire face as every finger glides from under the jawline, over the chin, around the mouth, then contouring the cheekbones and ending at the center of the forehead.

The Chinese discovered that by pressing certain acupressure points on the face, there was a greater flow of blood and oxygen to the facial area, which promoted a release of tension, a softening of lines, and toning and tightening of sagging skin, among other health-related benefits.
The Facelift Massage is not a “facial,” but rather a massage oriented treatment for the face. This Facelift Massage combines cleansing, moisturizing and energizing steps. The energizing step is the liberation of acupressure. This technique works with the surface and deep facial tissues and meridians. This balances the condition of the skin and the psychological conditions, and balances and harmonies the condition of the internal organs. The energizing stage assists in producing a natural face-lift without using acupuncture.

The Facelift Massage is significantly different from other facial massage methods. Health and longevity has been considered an overall reflection of an optimal balance of physical, psychological, and spiritual health brought into harmony. The Facelift Massage technique is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

The Facelift Massage with Acupressure is a time-tested, proven technique that offers anti-aging. The facial muscles are toned and tightened and the skin softened. The client is put into a deep relaxation – sheer bliss.

How the Facelift Works

The face has a complex muscular structure. Each facial muscle is constantly busy performing a multitude of movements. Consider the full range of emotions, movements and expressions your face makes every day. Even as you dream your facial muscles are working. When facial muscles are massaged and exercised regularly, all the metabolic processes are stimulated, which means facial circulation is improved, capillaries are strengthened, the facial lymph system is cleansed and the skin becomes blemish-free. Whatever your skin type, it will respond to facial massage positively, because massage keeps the collagen and elastin fibers wet and warm which encourages and stimulates their growth. With each facelift massage, the toning benefits increase because muscles have memory.

3 Point Eyelifts – Pressing this point helps to release tension and soften the “furrowed brow” line as well as assist with headache relief.

Facelift Exercises

For a more intensive toning effect exercises may be presented during the treatment. The exercises are very powerful, energizing and stimulating to the muscles and connective tissue, and positively affect the overall tone and condition of the skin. When used in conjunction with the facial at-home exercises they can provide an effective stimulation for the “out of condition” face. For the serious Facelift clients, including those considering plastic surgery, I suggest:

  • A series of 6 to 12 treatments of Facelift Massage given two to four times per week, while practicing the facial exercises and self massage at home.

  • At-home skin care products with ingredients which promote smooth skin such as glycolic acids; vitamins A, C, E, and enzymes available in organic and natural ingredients.
    The Chin Lift technique involves lifting the depressor anguli oris muscle and stimulating the latysma – two muscles that keep the underside of the chin firm.

The Facelift Treatment

The treatment consists of first cleansing and exfoliating the face of dirt and makeup. Warmed towels and/or warmed vapor with ozone hydrate the skin and help relax the client. Once the face is prepared, a vigorous and active massage begins. The stimulating effects of the Facelift Massage Specialist’s nimble fingers force the blood to rush to the skin’s surface, promoting circulation, detoxification and relaxation. Energizing effects can be achieved by massaging facial acupressure points. These points relate to energy flowing through the body, which is often blocked by stress, illness or toxins. Massaging these points frees blocked energy, increases the flow of oxygen and reduces stress and tension in the face. The next step is the Honeylift Treatment, and/or the Chin Tie-up, massage of the hands and feet, and the application of specialized skin care products. Once the face is toned, it is easier to keep in shape by incorporating an at-home Facelift Massage regime.

The Honeylift Treatment

The Honeylift Treatment, which is part of the massage treatment, assists in the rejuvenation process of the two distinct layers of the skin. The special techniques of whipping and tapotement of the Honeylift Treatment give the skin a pinkish cast, because the blood has been brought to the surface. The skin glows with health due to this rush of blood. Vigorous stroking movements remove impurities and give the skin “breathing room,” opening pores and eliminating toxins by removing dead skin cells. The support system can make surface wrinkles less visible and slows down their formation.

Supporting the Muscles

A chin strap may be applied to support the muscles, which allows the muscles to relax and “remember” the tightening effect. The chest, shoulders, scalp, ears and neck are included in the massage. Foot and hand massages may also be incorporated into the massage.

A soft cotton chin strap is applied to support the muscles, which allows them to relax and “remember” the tightening effect. During this time, the client receives a hand massage, followed by a luxurious foot massage, using hot towels and a rich moisturizing lotion.
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