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Acupressure Cure for Common Diseases

Acupressure,literally the method of applying pressure to certain areas or nerves, is one of the safest, simplest and remarkably effective method for relief from pain and other common ailments.

Overweight, Big hips from overnourishment, Cellulite

Nov 1, 2007

Big hips from overnourishment


For cosmetic or beauty reasons, many people are concerned with their weight. Most people have good reason to be concerned. The health risks associated with an overweight condition can be serious. Illnesses such as diabetes, backache, hardening of the arteries, and osteoarthritis are the most common reasons why your doctor will recommend that you should lose weight. Most cases of obesity are caused by a calorie input that is greater than energy expenditure. In other words, people are eating more that their bodies can use.

The excess is stored as fat in all the usual places around the body, the waist, hips, upper thighs, and breasts are the favorite resting places for those transformed desserts that now add unwanted girth to your once slim body. Many people are worried about the formation of cellulite which appears as dimples or lumpiness in the fatty tissue.

The way to lose weight is to reduce the calorie intake to below the body's requirements and to regulate the metabolism. The amount of food and drink put into your body must be less then the amount of energy that is used in your day to day activities. The greatest amount of weight loss usually occurs in the first week of a reducing diet, mostly because of fluid loss. A realistic weight loss goal is one to two pounds per week. Emotional factors also play a large role in eating and weight gain.


Full body treatment helps to increase circulation throughout the entire body. Shiat­su also relaxes the individual so that they may gain insight into excessive eating pat­terns, thereby removing the emotional fac­tors in being overweight. Remember that not everyone must look like a movie star. How­ever, body weight should be appropriate for bone structure and your physical activity. It is certainly possible to be a few pounds over the average weight and be healthy. Superfi­cial body fat is not the real danger. It is the fat that is stored in and around the vital organs such as the heart that is of concern. Fat on the waist mirrors excess fat building up in vital places within.


Desserts, cream sauces, cheese, snack foods, and other high fat and high sugar foods, as well as overeating, all contribute to in­creased weight. It becomes clear to us that diet is the foundation for solving an overweight problem. The macrobiotic diet, which is high in complex carbohydrates (grains and vegetables) and low in re­fined sugars and fats is an appropriate solution. Generally, it is bet­ter to have regular, small meals than to try to starve yourself and over-compensate later with "reward" foods. Meals must be balanced and satisfying. Include a wide variety of whole grains, such as bar­ley, corn, whole wheat, brown rice, millet, fresh garden vegetables and seaweed with miso or tamari broth soup. Avoid peanut and other nut butters as well as nuts in general. To effect the greatest weight loss, fruit intake should be limited, perhaps not even every day. En­joying food and not suffering emotionally is the key to understand­ing food and putting it in its place. Food is an enjoyable part of life that allows us to live. Be honest with yourself in your relationship to it and it won't control you.

Making minor changes in the daily routine occasionally is helpful to keep your interest renewed. Changes in your exercise rou­tine or diet go a long way to keep you interested in life and not be­come bored. As an example you may want to avoid salt for one week or not eat rice for three days—any change that gives you a break from the normal routine and gives you the opportunity to self-reflect. Some people enjoy fasting once a year or eating only whole grains for several days occasionally. All of these suggestions are simple yet quite helpful.


Increase your energy output with the help of exercise. Exercise that makes the pulse increase and body sweat for twenty minutes at a time quickly burns away the pounds. Walking, swimming, danc­ing or aerobics can be used. Do something that you really enjoy!
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