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Acupressure Cure for Common Diseases

Acupressure,literally the method of applying pressure to certain areas or nerves, is one of the safest, simplest and remarkably effective method for relief from pain and other common ailments.


Dec 22, 2007


This is a deformity present at birth which prevents the foot from being placed flat on the ground. Clubfoot affects boys twice as often as girls. It is usually found in both feet.


The foot and leg part of the complete shiatsu session should be applied daily to the developing child's legs and feet. A long period of treatment is required to effect change.


The standard macrobiotic diet with an emphasis on seaweed, seeds and root vegetables supplies abundant minerals. These strengthen the muscles and bones, thus providing the support required to maintain the correct position fostered by shiatsu
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The tale of the eight limbed girl

Dec 20, 2007

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Acupressure helps with dementia agitation

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Suspect killed by police

Dec 16, 2007

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Shocking Video

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Dec 14, 2007


Gout is usually experienced as a sudden and extremely painful attack, most often affecting the joint of the big toe. The tissues around the joint are also inflamed in most cases, producing heat, swelling, redness, and excruciating pain and tenderness. Without treatment, more attacks can be expected. The disease results from the accumulation in the bloodstream of a waste product of metabolism known as uric acid. It is the deposit of uric acid crystals in the skin, joints, and kidneys which causes the painful symptoms. About 15-20% of gout sufferers have kidney stones which can lead to kidney failure and death.
Middle-aged men are particularly affected. It is thought that their lifestyle of eating large quantities of beef and other red meat along with alcohol is directly related to gout.


Full body shiatsu helps to remove tox¬ins from the blood. Additionally, attention should be directed to strengthening the kid¬neys. Massage the area from below the shoulder blades to the waist; repeat several times.

Also, press the bottom of the foot at acu-point KD 1 and along the inside near the arch.


Strictly avoid all meat products (in¬cluding beef, chicken, lamb, pork), eggs,
fish, shellfish, dairy products, sugar, spices, alcohol, honey, and other foods not normally used on the macrobiotic diet. Also avoid spinach, chard, beets, asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant. Use of beans should be minimal as they contain elements that can aggravate gout.
The macrobiotic diet should be adopted with plenty of fresh vegetables, including cooked leafy greens everyday. Cabbage, watercress, daikon radish tops, bok choy, etc., are good choices.

Green Compress

This compress can be placed on the painful gout area. It can reduce inflammation and pulls out excessive heat from the body.
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Dec 13, 2007

Cold feet
Sole pain
Heel pain
Bunion pain
Sprained ankle
Swollen legs and ankles
Slow healing after broken bones
Dislocated kneecap and puffed-up knee
Swollen knee

We can walk and move because of our feet, legs, and hips. When problems affect the lower part of the body, it can be extremely frustrating. Illness or injury in these areas is very common. Many people suffer from a variety of complaints, all of which limit their mobility and enjoyment of life. Shiatsu is effective in alleviating many foot, ankle, leg, and hip complaints. Once the initial pain has been relieved, regular exercise is important both for strengthening and keeping the area in use.


For circulatory problems in the lower half of the body such as cold feet, cramps, slow healing, varicose veins, gout, and swelling, a full body shiatsu is effective.
When specific injury causes the problem, then we must work directly on the injured part.
Soak feet in a hot ginger foot bath followed by a cold foot bath. This improves circulation to the feet.

For the heel - massage around the ankle bones, both inside and outside. After shiatsu is completed, moxibustion will further increase circulation. Warm the whole area with the moxa roll.

For the knee - when the knee is twisted and minor ligament or muscle strain occurs, ginger compress, shiatsu, and moxibustion effectively promote healing. With the receiver lying on the back, apply shiatsu above and below the knee to increase circulation to the area. Then, with the thumbs, press around the kneecap. Pay special attention to any sore spots. You can massage a mixture of 50% freshly grated ginger root juice and 50% sesame oil into the painful spots. Repeat this treatment twice each day. It takes a long time to repair the knee, so continue the treatment for one to three months and be mindful of not straining the knee further while it is healing.
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Toothache/Gum Circulation/Jaw dislocation

Dec 4, 2007

Toothache impaired

Gum circulation
Jaw dislocation

Decay of the teeth by bacteria is the primary cause of dental caries (cavities) and tooth and gum pain. Of all human diseases, dental diseases are the most common. Many people believe that loss of some or all of our permanent teeth is inevitable. This is not true if some preventive care is taken. Once some tooth or gum pain is present, you have already passed the early stage of the disease's development. Unlike other maladies where the immune system can cure the body, this is not the case with cavities. Problems can be¬come progressively worse until proper treat¬ment is received. This may include a dentist.


The first important step is avoiding sticky, sweet foods upon which bacteria thrive. Sugar, candy, honey, and sticky, rich desserts are some foods that remain in the mouth, on the gums and teeth. Brushing and flossing will remove these food particles. Brushing with salted water or dentie (charred eggplant with seasalt, available in natural food stores) keeps the inside of the mouth alkaline. It is the buildup of acids, made by bac¬teria eating the food particles left on the teeth, that creates cavities.


Press the acupoints around the mouth and teeth. This area will improve circulation and lessen pain. For jaw dislocation was well as toothache pain, acupoints ST 6, ST 7, and LI 4 can be used successfully. You can also press the back of the jaw below the ear. Acupuncture is effective for toothache pain.


The macrobiotic diet can prevent new dental problems from arising. However, previous cavities should be cared for properly. Nutrition is directly linked to creating good strong teeth as well as to healing disorders. Proper vitamins, minerals, and food nutrients must be included in the daily diet. In addition to whole grains, beans, etc., seaweed and green leafy vegetables are important to in¬sure that our teeth will last a lifetime.

When tooth pain is present, strictly avoid expansive foods, such as alcohol, sugar, fruit juice, etc. These will inflame the condition and increase the pain. Taking small pieces of salted plum or other salty condiments will contract the painful area. A small piece of salted plum (umeboshi) can be placed directly in the mouth on the painful area.
Dental plaque is caused by overeating, especially sweets and animal foods. Diet and cleaning the teeth are important prevention
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